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Great American Cleanup

Join Us in The Great American Cleanup.
The Great American Cleanup is a national event that happens in over 600 communities every year. Engaging more than 5 million volunteers, the GAC is the largest community improvement program in America.

Events occur every spring, from March until May. Each month, Keep Pensacola Beautiful hosts a different series of events that focus on three main goals of Keep America Beautiful: Community Cleanups, Community Beautification, and Community Recycling.

How to Get Involved

Sign up to volunteer at Clean Your Block in April and Paint Your Heart Out in May, or by recycling your plastic bags at Bag Swap events in March.


Bag Swap

During the month of March, trade in your plastic bags for one of Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s reusable tote bags!
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Clean Your Block

Does your neighborhood want to organize a Clean Your Block party? We can help!
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Paint Your Heart Out

This Community beautification program aims to assist our elderly, disabled, veterans, and/or single-parent community members through a massive service project once a year.
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One Great American Cleanup sponsorship supports 3 months of high-impact events! With options ranging from $250 to $1,000, your sponsorship of any level will make a positive impact on our community.

Clean Your Block

Clean Communities Matter

Clean Your Block is a great way to take pride in your community. When people are engaged and actively care for their neighborhoods the impact begins to show. A clean community signals and encourages litterers to dispose of their trash the right way. Less litter leads to increased property values, less chronic stress (yes, really!), and improved overall well-being.

When neighbors get outside, get together, and get to work– the quality of life improves.

In April, we organize these cleanups in neighborhoods that may not have the resources to organize them themselves.

How You Can Help

  1. Talk to your neighborhood, HOA, or local group and find out who is interested and who the best point of contact will be. You will need a team leader to help us rally the neighborhood.
  2. Send us an email or contact us (/contact). Include potential dates that would work for you.
  3. Work with the Keep Pensacola Beautiful staff to find staging locations for volunteer check-in and make this event a party! Bring your own food, music, and/or games. It’s your neighborhood, so let’s make it a great experience for you and your neighbors.
  4. We will set aside all of the gear and equipment you will need. We can even reserve a dumpster if you think we will need it.

Bag Swap

What is Bag Swap?

During the month of March, we ask the community to trade in your plastic bags for one of Keep Pensacola Beautiful’s reusable tote bags. We have swap locations set up at businesses around the community throughout the entire month so that you can pick a time and place that’s convenient for you. 

Check back for for Bag Swap events in 2024!

Winner of Keep Florida Beautiful’s “2019 Outstanding Recycling Effort” Award

Why do we do it?

Did you know that Americans use 160,000 plastic bags per second? Plastic bags are a huge source of litter. They take hundreds of years to break down and produce harmful microplastics that contaminate our water supply and endanger the health of both humans and wildlife.Plastic bags are easy to recycle, however, they can only be recycled a small number of times before the plastics’ quality degrades and cannot be reused. We hope to discourage the use of single-use plastics by providing you with a sustainable alternative: a canvas tote. 

*Please note that Escambia Co. does not accept plastic bags in county-issued recycling bins.

In 2022, we recycled over 2,895 bags!

How can you help?

Bring us a bundle of bags in March and sign our pledge to stop using plastic bags now!

Paint Your Heart Out

Our Program

Paint Your Heart Out (PYHO) is a community beautification program that aims to assist our elderly, disabled, veterans, and/or single-parent community members through a massive service project once a year. PYHO is open to all Escambia County residents and nominated by the public. 

During the month of May, our team of volunteers will go to the selected property and perform beautification projects such as pressure washing, exterior home painting, light landscaping, and performing those nagging, hard-to-reach tasks, like replacing outdoor light bulbs!

How to Get Involved


We need a community of partners, sponsors, and volunteers for this annual project. Click to sign up individually for specific work days. Email our Education & Outreach Coordinator at Volunteer@keeppensacolabeautiful.org if your group/party has 5+ volunteers or if you need more information. Individuals can register by clicking the button below.


The Great American Cleanup is a great opportunity to support your community while making your organization visible to the public! If you’re interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for the Great American Cleanup 2024, please email Charles Bare at Director@keeppensacolabeautiful.org.
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